Who is john newton dating

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Who is john newton dating

Prosecutors cited these facts as the basis for her motive.Two hours before her first scheduled execution on December 1, 2004, Texas Governor Rick Perry granted a 120-day reprieve to allow more time to test forensic evidence in the case.

Newton was also found to have placed a paper bag containing the murder weapon in a relative's home shortly after the murders.Numerous individuals, including three members of the convicting jury, expressed concern over evidence that was not presented during the trial.On August 24, 2005, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals turned down a motion for a stay of execution.Less than a month prior to the murders, Newton purchased a ,000 life insurance policy on herself, another on her husband and a third on her daughter.Newton, the primary beneficiary on the latter two policies, made claims on the policies following the killings.

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At the time, the Newtons were having marital problems.

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