Updating escd phoenix award bios 6 0pg

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Updating escd phoenix award bios 6 0pg

BTW, I did read what you did last night, but didn't find if you had the CD/DVD drive set as master on that secondary ribbon cable. If it is the only one on there, it must be set to MASTER and on the end of the ribbon cable. and my wife will be surprised i get back home early :-)) yes, you're correct i have two cd-rom devices but i now use/attach the dvd only (because it can burn).

Ok to setting the CDrom to MASTER on the Secondary. i will try get back online 8hours from now to post the outcome of your advice. i'm sorry, Tumbleweed36 i haven't been able to login last night.

(yes this week and what short period since last week's reformat).

during the reformat when i installed WIn XP it was weird when i was asked to choose where to install XP 'cos the !!!

i downloaded it until i realizesd that my no-audio problem was resolved by using the mobo install cd with the Real Tek AC97 driver)!

the "unexplained" errors i report to the tech shop where i bought the pc always end up with a reformat.

that's why i got used to their "troubleshoot" method, realized that i can learn to reformat disk with my OS. I am assuming from what you said that you have only the two drives (maybe I missed one in reading), is that correct? If you have only the two, then make the Maxtor the Master (jumpers set like that) on the primary IDE connector, and put in on the end of the ribbon cable.

Some motherboards have a BIOS which allows you to delete the ESCD information from the BIOS after an older legacy card has been removed from the motherboard.

You will also find additional information regarding ESCD at this .

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however i'm still stuck up to it and when it says "Boot from CD: " i inserted my OS or that cutepartitionmanager cd and it would end up "LBA out of range..." sometimes just plain "Disk read error..