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Osunlade the dating game mp3

Peter Edison, Dirty Channels, DJ DRM (Bastard Jazz / BSTRD Boots), Mike O' Mara, Francesco Chiocci, Andre Lodemann, Mathew Bandy (Souldier), Roberto Rodriguez, DJ Sneak, Nick Curly, Juno Recommends Deep House, D-Former, Javi Lopez, Timo Camillo (26 Tea Drops Int), Kruse & Nuernberg, Fredeverything, Sccucci Manucci, Djs: Most Charted - Deep House, Muzikman Edition, Freddy The Groove aka F★T★G, Soul Camp, Alexander Maier, Francesco Chiocci, Jem Haynes, Yass, THINGS HAPPEN, Ali Tillett (Warm Agency) House music's premier spiritualist pops up on Innervisions, as label stalwarts Ame and Dixon have a crack at reworking "Envision" from his recent Yoruba LP Pyrography.

The Ame Remix in particular is a bit of a doozy, turning the shuffling original into a quietly anthemic epic - all darting synth melodies, warm chords, sparse percussion and delicious riffs wrapped around Osunlade's original vocal.

In 2005 Neon started his professional carreer as he started working at Musicman, a record store in Ghent and became resident at The Temple on saturdays playing house, groove and progressive.

Even TV wasn’t safe anymore: every week he presented the “Release of the Week” on jim tv’s “Going Out” show.

In 1995, at the age of 10, he started buying vinyl.

In those days Phi Phi, Yves Deruyter & Marko were his big influences…

Yet however electronic and European the grooves, there's still in innate soulfulness to the American producer's selections.

As a result, highlights are plentiful, from the intricate, delicate piano motifs of Roman Flugel's "Song With Blue" and the enveloping warmth of Andrew Soul's "Disconnected Thoughts", to the weary, early morning glitchiness to the mix-closing "Late Night Thinking" by Estrroe.

Starting with a weekly dj-set, Neon soon got his own daily spot on national radio hosting his own radio show called “The Nightclub”. This show is still on air everyday from 8am giving you an “update” on the hottest new music.

When house music was born, Philip knew this was the music he loved! Tam Tam, Forest, Baccardi’s, Outline, Illusion, Revolution (Nijmegen NL), Renania (DE), Carat, Shaft & La Rocca where he still plays the decks every week! And bands like Milk Inc, Kate Ryan, Jessy and Astroline to name but a few.

His career as a producer started at the age of 18 and his first release “Too Deep” sold over 20.000 copies in the Be Ne Lux area. Philip was also one of the leading men behind the Gemini II project, and was the man who got Zippora here first international hit. From South Africa to Colombia, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc.

Atonement marks the third instalment of Osunlade's ongoing Offering mix series.

Like the two previous instalments, it largely ignores the more organic, African-influenced side of his sound in favour of a warmer, fluid, heavily electronic deep house vibe.

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This young deejay started his musical career in his early 20’s together with his close friend Benjamin.

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