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No tattoo dating site

Another story that my father is proud of is the fact that his father had tattooed the ruler of Ethyopia at that time who only wanted to be tattooed by the original artist.One of the interesting recent stories is that my father was contacted by an Armenian American doctor who invited him to the USA to have him put an original tattoo for him (probably cost him more than a hundred tattoos!He had learned the art from his father who learned it from his father who came from Egypt and brought with them the wooden hand-carved stamps that act as stencils for the religious designs of settings inspired from the bible such as the crucifixion, the acssention, the virgin Mary and baby Jesus, etc…Pilgrims would stand in line waiting for their turn to be tattooed with either a cross or another design of their choice with the date as certification to their pilgrimage to the Holy Land and as a souvenir.After the decision had been taken, social workers also found a separate official document corroborating the tattoo's instruction.The authors of the journal’s case study, wrote: “We initially decided not to honour the tattoo, invoking the principle of not choosing an irreversible path when faced with uncertainty.“This decision left us conflicted owing to the patient’s extraordinary effort to make his presumed advance directive known; therefore, an ethics consultation was requested.” Gregory Holt, the lead author of the new case study, said the biggest concern for him was whether it was legally the right decision.

My Father, Anton Razzouk, speaks of a man who had visited Palestine for decades on a yearly basis bringing other pilgrims with him from Egypt every year, and every year he would bring his groups to be tattooed and, of course, get tattooed with the year again, which has ended him with tens of tattooed dates on his arms.

The 70-year-old man was taken by paramedics into the emergency room at Miami University Hospital with a high blood-alcohol level and without any identification, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

Doctors discovered the patient’s tattoo with his signature beneath, but could not find a next of kin or any medical paper work for him.

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