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Another factor was its more rapid population expansion in comparison to that of Boston, driven by the growth of these industries, by New York's popularity as an immigration port of entry, and enhanced by a larger population base to begin with, even prior to the construction of the Canal – on the eve of the Revolution, New York, with 30,000 people, had nearly twice the population of Boston, with about 16,000.By the start of the 20th century the original dynamic, centered on Boston, had completely shifted as New York became the focus of American capitalism (especially on Wall Street); this change was reflected in the new national pastime.The Yankees reached the World Series seven times during Ruth's New York years, winning four.

Brush and his team's Hall of Fame coach, player-manager John Mc Graw); thus, there was no World Series that year.

In fact the cities played two different versions of early baseball.

The "Massachusetts Game", as it was called, was played on a field with four bases and with home plate in the middle; whereas, the "New York Game", popularized by the New York Knickerbocker Club, was played on a diamond with three bases.

Creamer reported that "[the] loan was made and relations between the two clubs continued to be cordial, with Frazee sending player after player to the Yankees over the next few seasons for more and more cash. Frazee and Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert were friends, and American League president Ban Johnson's attempts to drive Frazee out of the game had caused the five teams loyal to Johnson to make no deals with the Red Sox as long as Frazee owned the club, leaving only the Yankees and White Sox as trading partners.

When the White Sox's reputation was destroyed in the Black Sox Scandal, Frazee's only option for trades was to deal with the Yankees.

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In 1916, Harry Frazee purchased the Red Sox, on credit, for $500,000.