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" Shi Jin teeth were clenched and he gave a happy smile though his eyes were murder.

"See I told you..you should wear a longer dress..sleeve..." Both of them were bickering and Shi Jin arm was tangle around Chi Hoon neck shaking him.

Chi Hoon immediately invite Doctor Song and Nurse Hae Ja-Ae.

The older couple as the rumor mill went on are dating and finally accepting the status of fiancée with one another.

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Members of the polo subfamily of protein kinases have emerged as important regulators in diverse aspects of the cell cycle and cell proliferation.

A large body of evidence suggests that a highly conserved polo-box domain (PBD) present in the C-terminal non-catalytic region of polo kinases plays a pivotal role in the function of these enzymes.

The next arrivals were Sergeant Major Seo Dae Young and his wife Seo Myung Joo.

Somehow the day couldn't go faster enough, Chi Hoon due to lack of oxygen did faint.

But luckily there were plenty medical people on his property that he wouldn't die..yet...maybe.

The arrival of the Uruk military unit that Chi Hoon found close with including the newly minted Staff Sergeants Kim Gi Beom brought smiles onto the servants of Master Lee.

Mistress Lee was on a trip but told her son to indulge in any of his friends especially the ones that kept him safe in that dreadful third world country.

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She plays the role of "Sujini", a young woman that's always into mischief and trying to sneak a cup of beer and steal some money.