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Fadult antasy camps

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION NUMBER AND NAME | CODE | WHAT IS IT ABOUT?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 01.) Latest Updates | G0100 | Read what was added in last update.

If it happens that you're around the spot you feel too tough to conquer, leave a note for yourself in the guide, and come back to it later when you're stronger.

That way your experience won't suffer and you'll be able to get the satisfaction later.

02.) Legal Information | G0200 | Copyright protection and legal info.

03.) Table of Contents | G0300 | Sections of this guide.

04.) Introduction | G0400 | A bit about myself and this guide.

If you are a webmaster of the site that wishes to post this document, you may do so under one condition - you must e-mail me first for permission.

*ONLY* following sites can host this guide: - com - site) - =============================================================================== 03.) TABLE OF CONTENTS - G0300 =============================================================================== =============================================================================== If you need to find something quickly, press and hold CTRL (Control), then press F button. In it type the word you're looking for and you should be taken to it immediately.

This is much faster than scrolling through entire guide.

10.) Treasure | G1000 | Treasure locations, contents and more.

11.) Enemy Skills | G1100 | Breakdown of enemy skills.

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