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Discreet sex chat

I was uneasy with the idea of carrying on with women that my wife and friends knew, too.

To make things easier on myself I decided to shift my focus onto the digital frontier.

To be honest, I was looking to fulfill some of my life-long fantasies as well.

As a teen, I had always fantasized about winning over older women, whether they were schoolteachers or my friends’ mothers.

Almost twenty years down the road, though, I can’t honestly call myself “happily married.” My wife’s not the woman she once was, and these past two decades have taken their toll on me as well.

Though the pool of women on this site was immense, I found that most of them were seeking true love and a long-term connection.

After twenty years of marriage I was looking for something more casual and physically-charged than what these women were offering.

Not only was she smart, funny and outgoing, but she was super hot, too.

I’m pretty sure you felt the same way when you got married, right?

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So whether it’s pleasure or punishment that you crave, you’re bound to find something to suit all of your naughty needs amongst these gratifying goodies.