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This can happen through intercession of Virgin Mary and the saints to the Christ (Amalfi, Atrani, Venice), apostolic example (Rome), guidance of the archangels (Monte Sant’Angelo), or a new birth in Christ through baptism (Salerno). Andrew in Amalfi, dating roughly from 1060, consist of twenty-four rectangular fields. It resembles the tree of life – an instrument of human salvation.

The central four are decorated with the inset silver figures of Christ, Virgin Mary, St. Finally, she concludes that the leaved crosses appear on many Byzantine doors, on the relics of the true cross, sarcophagi…

Nevertheless, when the Virgin Mary and Christ are placed at the top of the doors, between the two crosses, and the saints line up by church hierarchy, we get the order of Byzantine hierarchy – with three rows of apostles, one row of patriarchs, and, finally, a row of saints – warriors.

The door in Amalfi, Atrani and Venice show subjects that represent entrance to holy grounds.

Cast bronze can be decorated by techniques of engraving, investment, enamelling, gilt…

In the succeeding period, bronze doors are crafted mostly in Byzantium, some of which are imported in the West (a large number is preserved in Italy).Michael, today on the cathedral in same town), molten in a single piece, using the lost wax method, also featuring a figural decoration.Bronze is an alloy of copper with zinc or tin, at a ratio that varies depending on the period, the region, or even the workshop where the work was crafted.By heating the mold, the wax melted leaving a cavity which would than be filled with liquid metal.Afterwards, the cast was layed in sand, so it would not break. Margareth English Frazer links the displayed characters with the leaved crosses.

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Their decoration displaying mediation of the Virgin Mary and saints, is connected to the same ones on the portals of churches and sanctuaries in Constantinople.