Chat lines free trial youth dating violence prevention

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Chat lines free trial

But as you know, speakerphones are annoying to the people you call and you have to take turns talking, as opposed to being able to talk at the same time with any other method.

Instead of using a speakerphone, you should at least spend .49 on a suction cup microphone...

You don't have to have access to the wiring of the phone, you just stick the suction cup on the back of your phone's handset and plug the other end into a tape recorder, stereo or your computer.You can either hook it directly into the phone line so it will record every phone in the house, or you can hook it to your phone's handset so that it only records from your phone.It can be activated by voice or it can just start rolling tape whenever a phone is picked up.Then it will stop recording when the caller hangs up.Radio Shack carries 2 different models and I've never been able to understand what the difference is between them.

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I own both of them and they both appear to do the exact same thing even though one is more expensive than the other.